Argent Saga TCG: "Betrayal 2.0" Booster Box

Argent Saga TCG: "Betrayal 2.0" Booster Box

  • 10 Cards Per Pack, 24 Packs Per Box
  • 10 Cards are randomly inserted into each pack from a pool of 121
  • Due to the nature of this product, several copies of one card my appear in one box.
  • Alter Reality Games does not assume responsibility for the future value of individual cards.
  • When playing for the first time, please check the HOW TO PLAY page of the Argent Saga Website.


  • 121 Cards in total
  • 60 Commons (Normal and Foil)
  • 25 Rares
  • 13 Argent Rares
  • 5 Box Toppers
  • 9 Serial Numbered Cards

Set contents are subject to change. Stated odds are based on an entire production run; no ratio is guaranteed within an individual pack, box or case.


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